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BBC Micro Sites and Links

StarDot Home of the StarDot Forums
8-Bit Software Huge collection of 8bit Acorn related material
Hybrid Music System Colin Fraser's Music 500 site. Many audio disc are available here.
Stairway To Hell Loads of BBC Micro related content
BBC Micro Wikipedia Page Interesting historical and technical info on the BBC Micro A concise collection of BBC related manuals and documents
MDFS Net Technical info on everything Acorn related
BBC Technology Article Interesting report on use of BBC Micros in programming classes
Creating a Disc / Using ROMs Couple of nice tutorial videos by Richard Langner for BeebEm beginners

Other BBC Micro Emulators

Beebdroid Take a Beeb wherever you go with this great Android app.
B-EM Tom Walker's emulator. Actively developed, cross platform.
Model-B Tom Seddon's emulator.
jsbeeb Emualtor that runs in your browser.

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